Deputy Governor of Jiangxi Province Mr. Mao Wei Ming Visits Newtrend Ji An Sucralose Plant
Time:2018-08-22 hits:1328

On July 3rd, 2018, the Committee of Jiangxi Province, Deputy Governor of Jiangxi Province Mr. Mao Wei Ming visited Newtrend Group Ji An Sucralose plant accompanied by Deputy Secretary and Mr. Wang Shao Xuan, Mayor of Ji An city and Mr. Wang Da Sheng, the Vice Mayor of Ji An city and Mr. Peng Xue Kai, the Secretary Party Working Committee of Jing Gang Shan Development Zone.




President Mr. Wang Xiao Qiang (Left) Deputy governor of Jiangxi Province (Middle

Mayor of Ji An city Mr. Wang Shao Xuan (Right)


Newtrend Group President Mr. Wang Xiao Qiang accompanied Deputy Governor Mr. Mao and other governors to visit the factory’s Sucralose production from raw material storage to finished product packaging. During the visit, President Mr. Wang introduced the details of company product, production management and R&D development. Deputy Governor Mr. Mao gave high praise and affirmed Newtrend Groups performance and growth in recent years. He commended its market position in the industry and reputation for technical innovation. Deputy Governor Mr. Mao further commended Newtrend Groups continued investment of capital to improve environmental-friendly production, thereby establishing a green plant. Mr. Mao encouraged the Newtrend Group to maintain their fast-paced development, continue their leading role in the industry and welcomed Newtrend’s entry to the China capital markets. Also, in attendance were other Regional Leaders from Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Committee of the Industry and Information Committee plus regional financial officers visiting the Newtrend Group factory.



   Deputy Governor Mr. Mao and other leaders visit Newtrend Ji An Sucralose Plant



In 2018, Newtrend Group worked to optimize both Sucralose and Glycine production techniques thereby improving output, reducing raw material consumption while raising product quality to industry leading purity levels. On-going plant engineering expanded factory automation resulting in decreased labor costs, thereby improving efficiency and increasing operating margins to better compete in international and domestic markets.


Newtrend Group will continue to expand its product lines into the Human and Animal Health & Wellness Ingredient industry on a Global scale.